Sunday, February 07, 2010

Fears of the sock

Okay, I have my moment, where I wonder if I did the right thing buying the pattern program. Sometimes I like the sock, and sometimes I don't like it. I am on the heel now, and it is going okay.

I just don't think the pattern is showing up like it should, but I am going to finish it.

Other than that, Ravlympic is coming and I am in two, count them two groups/teams, and all that starts on the 13 of Feb. So that will be fun.

Then as soon as Feb is over, comes March and the Madness begins... I am going to be so busy coming up here soon.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Yarn for sock

Going on about my sock, I am kind of excited.

First off, I went through two different yarns, neither one worked, so I ended up dyeing some pretty yellow yarn that so far seems to be working, I got a picture of the yarn, but need to get it uploaded, but I am kind of busy, I have to take my ds to the doctors, then a man is coming to talk about a new refrigeration for the roof, tons and tons of money. Then a Costco run to round the day out.

Did I mention it has kitties on it?

Will get pictures of it up soon :)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Time to start again

Not much going on, I am a team captain for Ravlympics and I am on the True Blood Team, so I will have a lot of knitting coming up here soon.

Also test knitting for Ruth, that great lover of groundhogs.

Also I went and bought Interwined it is a great little program for creating patterns for knitting.

I have even created my first sock pattern, it deals with kitties, but more on that later :)