Sunday, September 24, 2006

Went to the Fair Today

Well, I have been waiting and waiting for the fair, so that I could find some people around here that are into spinning. Well, I did, only it seemed I knew more than they did, plus they didn't seem that interested in sharing any spinning stories either. All I did find out was that you can take a pencil and shove it through a potato and you have a drop spindle.

What I was wondering was...what happens when the potato goes bad?

Also they did tell me they had a guild, sort of, they go up south to a weaving guild. Then they seemed more interested in me coming to their little craft fair to buy stuff. It was not what I expected. Also the fleeces that were entered where only six sheep and four alpacas. Then the entries....only like four afghans, and one sweater, three or four baby blankets and sweater. I was really disappointed. I guess I will have to stop reading about all the really great fairs back east, lol.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Not Much Going On

Not too much has been going on of late, got some more gotland, so now I have a pound of it. Also some Wensleydale, in black, and some Cotwold. So I now have a lot of carding to do, as I have not even touched the alpaca I got awhile back....

The local fair is here, and I plan to go on Sunday, and see what they have. Hopefully I will find a guild to work with, or at least some kind of contact here in town.

Also I broke down and put myself on the list for a Bosworth Moosie Spindle. It should be here in March of 2007, plenty of time to save up for it. They are made of Moose antler, and there is sixty people in front of me. Also they have to wait for the Moses to shed their horns and such.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It Came

Well, it came, my BFL, using just the intials as I can't spell it out. It is even better than I thought it would be. I was also pleased with the lady I bought it from. She is in U.K. I ordered it off of Ebay.

Now I am just waiting from my Gotland, which I am also getting about seven oz of. And just to let you know I did not order the Gotland, cause it was the wool they used to make the Elves capes in Lord of the Rings, or the fact that Legolas was wearing it either. I just wanted to try out new and different wool types. (And if you buy that, I also have a brigde in San Fransico for sale as well.)

I also just order some Black Wensleydale Curl. Have no idea what it is, but it is black and I can't wait to try it. This I am getting about 8 oz of, all have been washed and I just need to card it.

The thing about the BFL is I thought it would be white, but in fact is kind of a cream color. Makes me wonder how much wool is really a white color, or has to be bleached or dyed white?

Monday, September 11, 2006

On Its Way

Well, I found some washed fleece that I can card on Ebay. I bought the first 200 grams, which should equal to around 7 oz, of Blue Face Leischer, I might be spelling it wrong.

Then I was looking around on that sellers sight some more, and I ran across some Gotland.

Now Gotland is kind of special to me, as it is the wool that was used to make the Elves cloaks in Lord of the Rings, all three movies. So I can't wait to get it, as it will kind of be like the stuff the Elves used...sort of, well at least in my mind it will be, so it okay. (And I know that because my imageary friend said so. Just kidding.)

It should all be here hopefully by Friday, or the first of next week as it is coming from the U.K.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Been Awhile

So what am I up to now?

Been working on my Pinwheel Sweater, and I am almost done, just got to finish that I-cord on the bottom, and sleeves, which means it is almost done? Only thing is my sister and niece saw it, so they both want one now.

Also been working on my sock, using Wendy's Gen. sock pattern, partway done with the first sock.

Been spinning on my Bosworth Spindle, spins like a true dream, which kind of makes me think of getting another one, someday, righ after I get a Greensleeves.

And I have started clue six of my Mystery Stole...YAY.

And I have been playing this interesting Vampire game, yeah I can be weird at times, I love horror movies and Scifi. That is why I want the Gotland Fleece so I can have some wool just like they used in LOTR. lol

This is the site address, well a part of the game that kind of helps me out in it. There is nothing bad about it, or religon wise or anything like that, if anyone would feel like clicking on it, I would be greatful. And don't worry, nothing bad will happen to you. Thanks ahead of time.