Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Look What I Did

Yay, I am ever so excited, I finally figured out how to add buttons to the sidebar. (Does the happy dance.) What really makes me happy is that I suck big times with html, stuff. So when I figure something out, it makes me feel really great.

Other that that, I have become a silk junkie of late. I have just bought from Ebay, four silk hankies and now from The Silkworker.


I just ordered two silk caps. I think I may need help. LOL

Monday, August 21, 2006

Back From the fair

And this is the Alpaca I could just not leave the show without. I thought was so cute, I just couldn't leave it behind. Thus I now have my own little Alpaca.

Here are the two spindle that I got. The one with the tag is my Bosworth's Spindle, the one I had in my hand when the lady told me I must be new, as I had a drop spindle in my hand, thus I didn't know anything. She must of been the one that didn't know anything, as the woman there selling them was say they were the Cadillac of drop spindles. So go figure.

Here is the wool that I bought at the show, along with the carders I bought. I think the colors are nice. You can even see the Alpaca I need to card over on the side, it looks blue, but is really a nice shade of light gray.

Here is the picture of one of the eight month old baby Alpacas that we saw at the show. She was really, friendly, and ever so cute.

I had always thought them to be bigger, but that might be, because I have only seen Lamas.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Really Excited

Well, I am finally going to get to go to a fiber fest. It is the one put on by Spindicity,

It is being held in Santa Monica, which is like two hours from Bakersfield. I have roped in my neice and her friend to go with me, as I didn't want to drive all that way by myself. The bad thing is that I can only go on the last day, so I am hoping it is not all sold out of all the really good stuff. I mostly want to go to see the Alpacas...yeah right, and all the fiber, spindels and wheels as well.

Also I just ordered a new spindel from www.crowhillhouse.com

It is going to be of the head of a black unicorn, the only thing is it will take six to eight weeks to get it, as she is really busy. Oh well, sometimes you just have to wait for the good things in life.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Here we see my first ever attempt at a log cabin, as done from the Mason*Dixon book. Great book by the way, has lots and lots of nice patterns in it. My Mother has already claim this one for her own, plus a neighbor also hinted that these were her favorite colors...

Thus I am afraid to show it to either my sister or my niece and thier friends...

This is my first shot at double plying, not too bad if you ask me. In fact I saw that same kind of mutant yarn in a shop. They were asking for about $48.00 a skein, and their yarn was done on purpose...lol.

Well here is my Mystery Stole 2. I am still on clue four, and my first ball of yarn is slowly fading, but I think there is still enough to finish it. Been looking at different kinds of joins for it so when the time comes I will be ready for it.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

More Time Has Slipped By

Well, once again I have taken my sweet time coming back here to post. So let see what is going on in my little knitting and spinning world.

Well, first off, I went and got Wendy's book, great book, first thing I did, with all her great patterns...was to knit a mouse from it for Tohru. Which is okay, I am now in the middle of knitting a sock pattern from it.

Second, I got the Mason*Dixon Book, another great book. I am knitting the log cabin pattern from that one.

Along with my Icarus Shawl, which I must admit is turning out very well this time. Also my Pin Wheel sweater is doing great as well, along with my various wheel and drop spindel things I am doing.

My favorite project right now is still the Mystery Stole 2. Tomorrow the last clue comes out. Kind of sad...right now I am on row 137 of clue three, one side, so I still have a way to go.

I am going to a fiber fest down south, well the one in Santa Monica, I am so excited. I am hoping to get some silk/wool topping, as I am hoping to make something for the fair next year.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Well, here it is, my latest passion, silk. It is four oz of the most prettiest silk I have ever seen. But then again it is my first order of it, and I am sure one day I will find prettier. But for now, I am in love.

That is the spindle, (a blood wood, and ebony shaft) I am planning to spin it on, haven't decide what I am going to make out of it yet, but I do have a idea or two.

Other than that not much more to say, except I am almost on to clue three on my Mystery Stole 2, and I have decided to frog the Icarus, and start it over, since I found out my yarn over have been all wrong. Too late for the MS2 though, as I am not going to start it over.

The Pin Wheel Sweater is doing fine as well, I am going to have to get a picture of it up here one of these day....