Friday, November 10, 2006

Been Awhile

I know its be awhile, but I have been kind of busy of late, I have a long term sub job as a Kindergarten teacher, and I have had a lot to do. But now that I have gotten into the swing of it, it is getting better.

Well there it is, my latest yarn. I know the picture is not that great, kind of dark, sorry.

The dark one was a silk hankie, and the white/cream color is my BLF that is picture on this blog somewhere, lol.
The strange thing is as I watched myself spin it up, I noticed that it had happened. Now you may ask what, so I shall tell you. I am no longer doing designer yarn. My yarn is coming out all nice and even now. I don't know if I should be happy or sad. It is like the end of an era, lol.


The Dyeing Spinster said...

Congrats on the change in your spinning! =) It happened that way for me too - one day I just noticed I was spinning more consistent yarns. Be happy - and think of it as you have a new challenge now if you want to make thick and thin yarns hehe.

Leah said...

Great job MaryAnn! It looks really good and it's great that you're progressing so well with your spinning :) Don't forget how you made the novelty yarns though...someday you'll want to do it again :)