Sunday, September 24, 2006

Went to the Fair Today

Well, I have been waiting and waiting for the fair, so that I could find some people around here that are into spinning. Well, I did, only it seemed I knew more than they did, plus they didn't seem that interested in sharing any spinning stories either. All I did find out was that you can take a pencil and shove it through a potato and you have a drop spindle.

What I was wondering was...what happens when the potato goes bad?

Also they did tell me they had a guild, sort of, they go up south to a weaving guild. Then they seemed more interested in me coming to their little craft fair to buy stuff. It was not what I expected. Also the fleeces that were entered where only six sheep and four alpacas. Then the entries....only like four afghans, and one sweater, three or four baby blankets and sweater. I was really disappointed. I guess I will have to stop reading about all the really great fairs back east, lol.

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