Monday, September 11, 2006

On Its Way

Well, I found some washed fleece that I can card on Ebay. I bought the first 200 grams, which should equal to around 7 oz, of Blue Face Leischer, I might be spelling it wrong.

Then I was looking around on that sellers sight some more, and I ran across some Gotland.

Now Gotland is kind of special to me, as it is the wool that was used to make the Elves cloaks in Lord of the Rings, all three movies. So I can't wait to get it, as it will kind of be like the stuff the Elves used...sort of, well at least in my mind it will be, so it okay. (And I know that because my imageary friend said so. Just kidding.)

It should all be here hopefully by Friday, or the first of next week as it is coming from the U.K.

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