Saturday, September 09, 2006

Been Awhile

So what am I up to now?

Been working on my Pinwheel Sweater, and I am almost done, just got to finish that I-cord on the bottom, and sleeves, which means it is almost done? Only thing is my sister and niece saw it, so they both want one now.

Also been working on my sock, using Wendy's Gen. sock pattern, partway done with the first sock.

Been spinning on my Bosworth Spindle, spins like a true dream, which kind of makes me think of getting another one, someday, righ after I get a Greensleeves.

And I have started clue six of my Mystery Stole...YAY.

And I have been playing this interesting Vampire game, yeah I can be weird at times, I love horror movies and Scifi. That is why I want the Gotland Fleece so I can have some wool just like they used in LOTR. lol

This is the site address, well a part of the game that kind of helps me out in it. There is nothing bad about it, or religon wise or anything like that, if anyone would feel like clicking on it, I would be greatful. And don't worry, nothing bad will happen to you. Thanks ahead of time.

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