Thursday, October 23, 2008

Going to the Doctors

Well, my left thumb has been giving me a lot of pain of late, my mom says I have been knitting way too much and that is the problem >.<

But since I have to go to the doctors anyway, yearly check-up and all, I am going to talk to him about it. My mom say he will probably tell me to quit knitting >.<

I just think it is arthritis, my mom say I will have to wear glove and my thumb will stick out and I won't be able to knit >.<

Don't ya just love it when moms help you out?


Ruth said...

I love your fetchings. How many more to go?

dragonyady said...

Three more pairs to go, and if I do the one I had planned for a Christmas present, then four more, plus mine that needs to be fixed... five in all.

Susan said...

Gloves that you can't knit with: I wear mine at night, when I sleep. It makes a big difference, and I can still (most of the time) muddle through the day without them. But mine isn't Arthur, but Carpal T., so might be completely different anyway. Bother.

I like the Fetchings!

SusanLayne Nielsen