Sunday, July 30, 2006

Here It Is

Know I haven't posted in a while, kind of been busy. But here it is a picture of my Mystery Stole. It is both part one and some of part two. I know I am kind of behind, but I really had a hard time starting, and had to frog a lot, really a lot.

But now all is well, and I am doing much better. Only thing is I am kind of scare for when it come time to start the other way, but heck I have four more clues to get through before then. I am doing it on size 3, strait needles. For some reason it seems ever so much more easier.

The only other thing is that I have discovered silk, and am now a silk spinning junkie, heaven help me. I really, really like it. Right now I am spinning what was sent to me in a sample. More of the same should be coming on Wed. I am so excited.

And the Pin Wheel sweater is coming along really well as well. The only thing on hold right now is my Icarus Shawl. But I plan to get back to it really soon.

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