Saturday, July 22, 2006

Well, there she is, my first ever spinning wheel. It is a Babe made out of PVC pipe. I am so excited, as I am going to learn how to spin on it tomorrow. I mean I know how to drop spinndle, and just got two really nice new ones from Oregon. (Will put pictures up of them later, as today is my Babe's day.)

I have some Lilac Angora, and some bat roving to choose from to spin on it for the first time, but am not sure which I will do, as I think the Angora needs to be card. Can you tell I am still new to all of this?

I have had it for at least three days, but did not have the time to put it together as I was studying for a huge test so I can teach school. But now that is over with I can get on to more important things in life, like knitting my Mystery Stole, my Icarus Shawl, and spinning.


Lily said...

Congrats on the wheel! I definitely suggest waiting to spin angora. I gave it a try and it sheds worse than my Ragdoll, Kashmir. =-) It was very particular how it should be spun. By all means spin it soon, I'm just not sure it'll give you spinning satisfaction. Have the broom handy to clean up the hair after spinning it too.

Gina said...

congrats on your wheel, I ordered mine yesterday. Have fun!