Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My Babe Spinning Wheel came today, and I am really excited, it is sitting on the bed at the moment, which is ticking off Tohru, as she likes to sleep all over it. She likes to sleep on her back and spreads out a great deal. She weighs almost 15 pounds. Kind of small for a Ragdoll Cat, but I lover her anyway.There she is in all her regal beauty. She also likes to fix the bed her way, lol.

Well, here is my first picture of my Mystery Stole. I am on about row 23, and have had no bad mistakes (knock on wood) yet. So I am kind of happy with it.

I should post it up at the Flicker site, but it is kind of fuzzy, maybe I will wait till I get a really good one of it.

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