Monday, July 31, 2006

What's Been Going On

Well, so far all that has happened of late is that Tohru, my kitty was rubbing up against a chair where my knitting was. She got scared and took off down the hallway. Bet you can't guess what was stuck to her fur? I all most had a heartattach. As I am now on clue two, row 75, 70 when Tohru got it stuck on her. Luckily nothing bad happen, it stayed on the needles and I did not lose any of my hard work.

Working on row four of my Pin Wheel, and tomorrow I have to go and get a tentus shot. Silly me, on Saturday, I turned to get out of my bedroom really quick, bumped into the door, fell back and put a size eight aluminum knitting needle into my leg three inches. Then my mother asked when was the last time I had a tentus shot, so guess where I am going tomorrow, seems that eighteen years since the last one is too long. But other than that, I am okay, and even went shopping the same day.

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