Monday, August 21, 2006

Back From the fair

And this is the Alpaca I could just not leave the show without. I thought was so cute, I just couldn't leave it behind. Thus I now have my own little Alpaca.

Here are the two spindle that I got. The one with the tag is my Bosworth's Spindle, the one I had in my hand when the lady told me I must be new, as I had a drop spindle in my hand, thus I didn't know anything. She must of been the one that didn't know anything, as the woman there selling them was say they were the Cadillac of drop spindles. So go figure.

Here is the wool that I bought at the show, along with the carders I bought. I think the colors are nice. You can even see the Alpaca I need to card over on the side, it looks blue, but is really a nice shade of light gray.

Here is the picture of one of the eight month old baby Alpacas that we saw at the show. She was really, friendly, and ever so cute.

I had always thought them to be bigger, but that might be, because I have only seen Lamas.


e's knitting and spinning blog said...

That is crazy! There are lots of people who spin with spindles and are very experienced. I wouldn't pay attention to people!

Abigale said...

I took a drop spindle with me to the Lambtown Festival here in Northern California. I had one woman who looked at me, and said - "well, you obviously already know how to spin!" Funny how different people will see the same thing and jump to opposite conclusions!

I have bee spinning for about 5 years now - have 2 wheels, and multiple drop spindles - I use my spindles more than my wheels - though the amount of yarn that is actually produced is probably about even.

I much prefer taking a drop spindle with me to festivals - that way I'm not lugging a wheel (even though they're both pretty small - and the little one is a Joy), I'm not stuck to one place, and can wander and spin at will.

So, don't let that one person's comments get to you - spinning is good - doesn't matter if it's on a wheel or a spindle. And wheel vs. spindle in no way measures a persons ability.