Thursday, August 03, 2006

Well, here it is, my latest passion, silk. It is four oz of the most prettiest silk I have ever seen. But then again it is my first order of it, and I am sure one day I will find prettier. But for now, I am in love.

That is the spindle, (a blood wood, and ebony shaft) I am planning to spin it on, haven't decide what I am going to make out of it yet, but I do have a idea or two.

Other than that not much more to say, except I am almost on to clue three on my Mystery Stole 2, and I have decided to frog the Icarus, and start it over, since I found out my yarn over have been all wrong. Too late for the MS2 though, as I am not going to start it over.

The Pin Wheel Sweater is doing fine as well, I am going to have to get a picture of it up here one of these day....

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