Tuesday, June 06, 2006


This is Sadie, my reason for getting back into knitting. If not for her, I would of never started back up again. Thank goodness for short hair dogs. She gets very jealous, so I thought it best to include her in my next post.

I have given up on my Icarus Shawl, well at least till I got to a different yarn shop and bought some new yarn. The lady at the shop where I got the magazine Interweave Knit, talked me into using Mohair. It is a real pretty shade of lavender. But I have also decided that all Mole's should be shot before they ever become Mohair. Just kidding, when I was much younger, around second grade, a girl had a Mohair sweater and that is when I thought Mohair came from moles. Now I know it comes from Angora Goats.

So I am now knitting it with a different type of yarn, called Wool Gatto. I guess Bakersfield is not known for it vast and different styles of yarn. But just in case this doesn't work, I have some on order from Knitpick. Guess I am also not known for my patients. Thus I am going to start it one more time, in fact as soon as I end this post for the day. Which just happens to be now.

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