Friday, June 30, 2006

Time to Undo

Well, I crowed too soon. I had to go back to my lifeline, and then I had to go back and start once more. But I shall not let it beat me. I will have an Icarus Shawl, even if I am ninety when I finish it.

My only problem is that I start The Mystery Stole next week. So that might slow Icarus up some. And as with everything, I am still wondering how all those people on the Mystery Kal, got all those perfect holes in thier knitting, it is driving me crazy.

Well tomorrow I am going to get batteries for my camera so that I can start putting up some nicer pictures than I can get with my phone camera. So I shall be able to show off my new drop spinndle and the really nice roving I got to learn how to spin with on Sunday.

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